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Abstract Photography at Home. Challenge your photography!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Challenge your photography skills from the safety of your own home! - A Very Enjoyable & addictive exercise in street photography.

Due to the isolation restrictions currently in place here in the UK, we are forced to look for alternative ways in which to be creative.

As a keen street photographer i was looking to challenge myself with something i could do in my house that would keep my photography skills active, and even act as a learning tool.

Abstract photography at home
Abstract photography at home

how to find abstract images at home
abstract photography at home

In my latest vlog i gave myself the challenge, armed with only a 35mm Fujifilm X100V fixed lens camera, i was to explore my house looking for abstract photography using only available light and the objects found in my house.

Initially i was drawn to strong contrast, areas where the strong sunlight from outside was hitting, causing strong tones and shapes. It wasn't long before i was finding interesting shapes and potential photographs all over the house! It was actually very enjoyable and strangely addictive! Even if i did get a few funny looks from the Mrs haha.

Abstract photography at home
Abstract photography at home

I'd set my camera up to shoot in Black and White as i would with my street photography. I also choose a Fujifilm profile called 'Acros' which gives a nice contrasty preview.

This helps find the tones and shapes.. I find shooting Black and White removes distractions from the images and let you concentrate more on the light and composition.

I've learned a lot through my YouTube channel, particularly my street photography vlogs, one of the best lessons is to ignore your camera. Not saying you should leave it at home and forget about it, but to set the camera up for the light, use a prime lens.. then concentrate on finding compositions.. This makes the camera less of a distraction and more of a tool!

I find this to be particularly important for street photography and in this case, abstract photography. It meant I was able to just enjoy looking for the light.. not have settings or focal lengths to consider, though i strongly advise you keep and eye on your histogram, especially when photographing strong light and contrast.

looking for abstract photography at home
abstract photography at home

Please feel free to check out my vlog on #abstract photography at home. During this frustrating time of isolation it's important to keep challenging yourself, and i thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and you'll be amazed at the shots you find around your home! #staysafe guys!

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Thank you for reading! i hope you find this challenge helpful. Ga x