• Gareth Danks

Best Value Camera 2020? Epic camera! But is it the best value for money?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Dreadful time to be buying camera gear with the world in lock down and my business' income down 90%! haha..

BUT..! when i saw this camera advertised on WEX Photographic, for the insane price of £700 BRAND NEW! i had to grab it!

Now the 'Need' for this camera was based on its spec's! Yes it's a great camera with a FANTASTIC sensor! but the video features are what drew me to this camera!

With 4k 200mps, 1080 120p and IBIS, what camera would you say offers the best value for money?

The camera market is flooded with exceptional cameras from the likes of Sony Nikon Canon, Lumix and Fujifilm. All offering amazing quality imagery. In fact for the last 5 years we as consumers have been absolutely spoilt for choice! With some older models becoming exceptional value!

What i need tho is a hybrid camera! One that shoots stills as well as it captures video!

A professional level camera that is enjoyable to use, but also reliable and cost effective!

The debate between full frame m4/3 and crop sensor cameras has its part to play, but there is a compromise with all systems. I enjoy crop sensor cameras due to their smaller and cheaper lens options. Tho i have a full frame camera for when the light is low or a particular blurred background look is needed for an image.

In this video i discuss my reasons for my preference, and explain why this camera will fit perfectly within my current ecosystem.

The insane price point of this camera means that im happy to use the camera for 12-18 months, part ex it in towards the newer version and rest in the knowledge it'll probably only cost me £300 to do so! For a professional tool, that is a bargain of an investment!

I hope you enjoy watching! Constructive feedback always welcome..

Ga :-)