• Gareth Danks

Self Portrait Challenge! Home photography shoot.

Grab your camera and join in the challenge! My good friend and fellow photographer Tom Watson challenged me to a self portrait duel! But we created the hashtag #communityspc so you can get involved too!

Click this link to watch self portrait home photography challenge

In all the years as a photographer id never taken my own photo (posed) so it was very interesting being the other side of the camera posing and trying to pull it off haha..

One of the things i was keen to try with the shoot was a double exposure. I had two idea for this, one image consisting of my head trapped in a glass jar, representing the frustration of isolation. The second image was again a double exposure but using a screen layer in photoshop to overlay a mountain scene, again showing how much i miss the outdoors and my photography adventures.

I very much enjoyed the challenge, tho i do wish id made more of an effort with my attire! Perhaps should have popped a shirt on!

Since taking on the challenge, i've began thinking of other ways i can be creative and experiment with self portraits around the house..

At no point was my objective to make myself feel or look like a male model.. more to take myself out of my comfort zone and see how it feels to be the other side of the camera.. I do recommend you try it.. you'll be surprised how your creativity takes over! It becomes less about how you look as an individual and more about the scene you create.. don't forget to use the hashtag #communityspc ill be doing a video featuring some of my favourites! :-)

I hope you enjoy the vid.

Ga x