• Gareth Danks

Taking it for granted! An emotional return to landscape photography

Although we are still in lockdown here in wales, i was fortunate to be working near the beautiful three cliffs bay in the Gower, South Wales this week.

This enabled me to visit one of my favourite landscape photography destinations in South Wales.

Im aware that im incredibly fortunate to live near both the coast and the Brecon Beacons mountains. Having our ability to travel and explore recently has really shown me just how much my photography adventures mean to me, not just for my photography but more so my mental health.. something id never thought of and certainly not felt before.

As photographers we have the constant drive to be out with our cameras exploring and looking for potential photographs.. Whilst this is fantastic & gives us the excuse to be out as much as possible, in any weather! It also means we spend most of the time admiring a view as a composition through the viewfinder or LCD of our cameras!

I for one am guilty of prioritising my photograph over the simple but more important challenge of just sitting there and taking it in!

This mini adventure down the beautiful 'Three Cliffs Bay' was certainly a photography opportunity, but more so about taking in the natural beauty i would normally see through the camera, without rushing for filters, and without the pressure of a final perfect image, and almost without thinking like a photographer!

It certainly was a wonderful evening! especially nice sitting there.. in that same spot watching people riding on horses on the beach! I can definitely say i felt a huge relief from my withdrawal from missing the beach when i left, tho that wasn't an easy thing to do!

I hope we can all go back to normal soon!

Hope you enjoy the video!

Ga :-)