If you would like to join me on a shoot, or are interested in a street photography workshop, please CONTACT ME to discuss where you'd like to shoot and your requirements for the day. Workshops are priced based on your choice of location and the duration, and can be located anywhere in the world, travel costs might apply.

We do tend to walk a lot on street photography workshops, so do let me know if you have any limitations on fitness, id be happy to accommodate that. 

1 - 1-2-1 street photography full day workshop £200* 

2 - Small group (up to 4) - Full day £80* per person

3 - Shoot & Edit. 6 hr shoot 2 hrs looking through and editing* (Skype or after shoot) £250*


Gift vouchers available on request.

* Price may be subject to additional mileage and accommodation charges, contact me for a quotation.

Many thanks, Gareth :-) \ 07429 318 251

"To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… " 
Elliott Erwitt

The way photographers see and document 'normal daily life' on the streets is inspirational!

Over the years street photographers have been capturing stunning and often very important candid images of the way people live at that time. 


Up until very recently I hadn't actually attempted it myself, and so after talking to a friend who was a very keen street photographer and a Fujifilm X photographer I decided to give it a go. I hit the streets for the first time in London, with no plans and no clue what I was doing! All I knew is that I wanted to explore the city with the aim of taking shots of scenes, events and people that caught my eye.. 

If you've never tried street photography I highly encourage you to do so! Not only does it make boring wanders around a drab city centre exciting, but it also sharpens your photographic eye and helps you learn to use you camera far faster! 

The thing I enjoy about street photography is that you can do it anywhere.. In any country, any weather, and at any time of the day or night! You don't even need a camera! Most phones are more than capable of capturing a very nice candid image!

I'm very much a beginner when it comes to street photography and i've so much to learn both about  the different techniques and the styles and different approaches to this new genre of photography in both digital and film mediums.

Studying the works of other street photographers and making friends with photographers far more experienced in the genre, has shown the huge variety of different images achievable from any town or city in the world!

Unlike with other genres of photography where you might need to travel to another country to capture a nice image, street photography is right outside your door, best of all it requires next to no photography gear or photography technical knowledge!

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If you'd like some help with learning street photography I am very keen to start workshops. Feel free to Contact me direct and we can discuss further :-)